sunflowerBy The Flower Essence Society

Use the Sunflower Flower Essence to capture the spirit of the sun!

SUNFLOWER Helianthus annus

Positive Qualities

Balanced sense of Individuality, spiritualized ego forces, sun-radiant personality Patterns of Imbalance: Distorted sense of self, inflation or self-effacement, low self-esteem or arrogance, poor relation to father or masculine side of self.

The healthy self shines forth from the soul, not unlike the sun, which shines in the sky. This benign and wondrous soul quality of radiance at once inspires with its light and heals with its warmth. All human souls have within them this quality to shine like the sun, but many are afflicted in their ability to emanate this solar power in a balanced way. Some people mask their true sun nature with feelings of self-effacement and low self-esteem. This condition darkens the true luster of the self. In these instances the Sunflower brings to the soul the quality of light. Others want their brilliance to shine too strongly, glaring others with self-glory and self-aggrandizement. For these people Sunflower brings out the quality of warmth, or loving compassion. Just as the soul absorbs from the mother the moon like qualities of nurturing and receptivity, so does the soul learn from the father the sunlike qualities of the shining and expressive Self. Sunflower heals the disturbances and distortions in the soul’s relationship to the masculine, often associated with conflicted or deficient relationship with the father in childhood. The healing of the masculine self is equally important for both men and women. The message of the Sunflower is so universal and Foundational that is it beneficial in nearly every stage of the human life cycle. When the soul learns how to harness this great sun force within its Self, it is truly able to bless and heal other human beings on Earth.

Directions for Use

Take 5 drops under the tongue , 3-5 times per day It is helpful to use this monograph as a meditation when you use the Sunflower.

This monograph is taken from the Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz. You can contact the Flower Essence Society at 800-548-0075.