Thanks and Congratulations on the first step or your RockStar Remedy Lifestyle. You are  the RockStar!

Each entry level includes admission to the following 4 stages of the Program:

  • Stage 1: Detox Food and Nutrition
  • Stage 2: Detox the Body
  • Stage 3: Detox the Mind and Spirit
  • Stage 4: Detox the Home and Lifestyle

RxStar Remedy Detox Program

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The RxStar Remedy Detox Shake is a health and longevity elixir that will be a breakfast replacement for the VIP and Backstage entries. It has been test driven and approved by many of your favorite Rock Icons.

Now that you have your entry pass you are ready to begin. Get the RxSTAR REMEDY DETOX PROGRAM GUIDE if you haven’t already. No matter what level of entry you have chosen you are going to love the experience and the results. Be sure to visit all the stages of the program so you make this a holistic experience. Get ready, Good times start here!

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