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Foods and Vitamins for Cold and Flu Relief

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It is flu season; did you know there are certain foods you can eat that boost your immune system? Dr. Gabrielle Francis is t […]

Michael Franti On Health, Wellness and The RockStar Remedy

The terms “healthy living” and “rock star” are rarely used in the same sentence. In fact when most of us think of the Rock & Roll lifestyle, the f […]

The Botox Tour

This tour started out as a big frustration for me.
The artists had no interest in any of my wonderful Naturopathic advice or remedies that would im […]

The Second Line Funeral for Prince in the Treme, NOLA

The Second Line Funeral for Prince in the Treme, NOLA was held to honor, mourn and celebrate Prince on April 25. The starting place was the Ooh Poo Pa […]

Holly Miranda: A path to healing through fibromyalgia

Holly Miranda Singer, songwriter, guitar, piano
Fibromyalgia has been the life change that helped me get on a path to healing.
Since I discovere […]

Steven Tyler: Surgery and Smart About Health

Steven Tyler on how to pick a surgeon and getting smart about health.
Interview by Lonn M. Friend For the Rockstar Remedy
You have to get serious […]

Coffee, Prayer, and Gluten Free

Fred Coury, Drummer, Cinderella
Interview by Lonn M. Friend for The Rockstar Remedy

I am a perfectionist with high expectations. But it’s easy t […]

Rudy Sarzo on Cuban Food and How Ozzy Changed His Life

Rudy Sarzo – Heavy Metal Bassist
Cuban Food

“For me being on a diet, watching my intake for most of my life, stems from being a fat kid. I was r […]

Scott Ian On being a Heavy Metal Dad

Scott Ian Founding Guitarist, Anthrax, On being a Heavy Metal Dad

“I hardly ever drink anymore, too. Maybe a couple beers or some wine with dinne […]

Sharon Jones Gets Spiritual with Church and Going Fishing

Sharon Jones — Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Interview by Dr. Gabrielle Francis

Dr. G: Do you have a work out regime while you are on tour?

Sh […]

Steve Lukather Goes Organic and Solar

Steve Lukather — Guitarist, Toto and Ringo’s Allstar Band

Excerpt from Interview by Lonn Friend For the Rockstar Remedy

Lonn Friend: Do you have […]

Phil Collen of Def Leppard: Vegging Out and Coming Clean

Interview by Lonn M. Friend for The Rockstar Remedy

Three months before a tour begins, my mind-set totally shifts, like an athlete preparing fo […]

Joe Satriani: Advice to all Rockers

Interview by Lonn M. Friend
Don’t smoke, anything.
No drugs.
Easy on the drink.
Eat a balanced diet with friends whenever possible.
Avoid crazy health fads.
Don’t drink and drive.

Brandi Carlile: Gets Vocal and Recycles

Interview By Stacy Baker Masand

Stacy: Do you have a specific diet or nutritional program you follow on or off tour? Can you briefly name it?