Photo courtesy of www.stevelukather.comSteve Lukather — Guitarist, Toto and Ringo’s Allstar Band

Excerpt from Interview by Lonn Friend For the Rockstar Remedy

Lonn Friend: Do you have a specific diet or nutritional program you follow on or off tour?

Steve Lukather: Well as I am on the road all the time it is harder but I don’t eat any fast food EVER. I have not in 25-30 years. I eat only organic fresh foods, meats, vegetables and fruits. I start the day with Organic Greek yogurt with fresh berries and raw nuts and I do this everyday. Not much red meat, occasionally but must be of the highest quality. NO sodas of any kind and have not in decades. I hate them actually. Sparkling water mostly with lemon and a NON alchoholic beer after a show once in awhile. I do not drink booze or smoke ciggs anymore at all. I quit close to 4 years ago and ever better for it. I try not to put anything toxic in my body. I like chocolate now and then and sweets occasionally but not store bought cheap candy bars. I like the high end REAL stuff. I am human. Lol

LF: Do you use any alternative health modalities either on or off tour?

SL: I try to get a massage at least once every 2 weeks. It REALLY helps and makes me feel great and keeps me loose and relaxed. I try to EAT my vitamins more than supplements.

LF: Is there a specific health condition you have that you have employed natural remedies for?

SL: I am lucky, a bad right knee from bad posture on stage pedal board posture. Guitar players have bad habits that we cant help. LIke the faces. I don’t TRY and make these faces. I can’t imagine what I look like when I have an orgasm! Fortunately no one has ever taken THAT photo…

I eat right and do as much as I can to live right.  My sleeping habits are great considering I live in a different room most every night and travel as much as I do. Planes,trains, and automobiles ya know.. I can sleep standing up after 36 years on the road. You have to survive. Fatigue IS the road. But if you take care it is MUCH better than the daily hangovers of old. They became brutal as I got older. That, amongst other reasons, is why I finally said fuck this and quit!

LF: How long have you been a touring artist? At what age do you expect to stop touring?

SL: I will do this till I die. It is in my DNA and what I am as a human so I have learned to do it RIGHT, and now it is as much for fun and I am hell of a lot healthier. It is ALL about making the right choices. I am 55 now.  I started touring when I was 18.

LF: Do you have a relaxation or rejuvenation technique that helps enhance your performance?

SL: I do TM mediations at various times of the day with stretching and breathing. A VERY important thing to do is DEEP breathing. Most people do not get enough real fresh air in them.

LF: Does your tour promote any green or environmentally conscious practices?

SL: It all begins with one person. Yourself. I am about to go solar power at my home. Everyday it gets more and more apparent that we have fucked up mother Earth. Time to give back or perish. WHY this is so hard to grasp by the masses is baffling to me. I have 4 kids from 28 to 3. What kind of a world are we leaving them?

LF: Is there a healthy recipe that you would like to share?

Eat to live.
We are machines.
Would you feed your car cow anus and salt?
NO. It would run like shit.
You are what you eat.
Live long and prosper…indeed.”
Steve Lukather, Guitarist, Toto and Ringo’s Allstar Band

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