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Michael Franti Photo by Danny ClinchMichael Franti, of Michael Franti & Spearhead

The terms “healthy living” and “rock star” are rarely used in the same sentence. In fact when most of us think of the Rock & Roll lifestyle, the f […]

Cough Remedies

An intense cold when you can feel the mucus drip down your throat, have difficulty breathing, and […]

farrobuddhabowl_220feature Farro Buddha Bowl

Nourish Your Body.

This well ­balanced Farro Buddha bowl takes advantage of flavorful natural foods to create a fresh yet filling entrée.
Ingredient […]

the botox tour by dr gabrielle francis Botox injection

The Botox Tour

This tour started out as a big frustration for me. The artists had no interest in any of my wonderful Naturopathic advice or remedies that would im […]   READ MORE

hangovr cureI Tested the Top Hangover Cures—Here’s What Worked

We’ve all had one of those nights where one glass of wine turns into an entire bottle. […]


Gnawa Music is Sufi Blues

Gnawa is an ancient musical fusion, which originated in North Africa in the 1600’s. At this time, the slaves being brought to the new world were held […]  READ MORE

green juice detox dr gabrielle francis the rockstar remedy

9 Tips to Keep That Green Juice Detox Safe

By: Moniqua Plante for Organic Authority
It seems no matter where you look, you see claims that a green juice detox is either the healthiest […]

Carrot Goji Soup

Carrot Goji Soup

Goji berries add a light sweetness to this slightly spiced chilled Carrot Goji soup.

1⁄3 Cup Navitas Naturals Goji Berries

Moroccan Elixir Argan Oil

ARGAN OIL: Morocco’s Liquid Gold

Argan oil is beautiful golden oil with a slightly reddish tinge, which comes from the Argan Tree of Morocco. For centuries, the Berber people of M […]   READ MORE

Prince memorial, The Treme.

The Second Line Funeral for Prince in the Treme, NOLA

The Second Line Funeral for Prince in the Treme, NOLA was held to honor, mourn and celebrate Prince on April 25. The starting place was the Ooh Poo Pa […]   READ MORE

purple potato

The Power of Purple Foods

By: Dr. Oz Show May 2, 2016
If you’ve heard you should “eat the rainbow,” you’ve received good advice. Colorful foods are packed with important antio[…]   READ MORE


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