Photo by: Jen MalerSharon Jones — Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Interview by Dr. Gabrielle Francis

Dr. G: Do you have a work out regime while you are on tour?

Sharon Jones: I get my workout on the stage-dancing. Oh yeah!

Dr. G:  Do you have any health problems that you have used natural medicine for?

SJ: Let me tell you something…I go to the doctors for my check ups and blood pressure. But I don’t like how they tell you to take this pill and that pill. So I bought myself a juicer so I can get some vitamins for my body and clean things out. You know what I’m sayin’?

I hurt my back in a car accident years ago and now when I am on tour I get problems from dancing in my high heels. So I started to kick off those shoes when I dance now.  You know what I’m sayin? And I get massages and chiropractic and that helps me too!

Dr. G:  Do you have a spiritual practice that you follow?

SJ: I was raised a Baptist in the South. But when we came to NY we went to the Pentecostal Church. Now I go to the Universal Church of God. Now that I am older I see the church differently. I go to church and I have faith. I am serious about the preaching and singing. But I stay removed from the dramas around the churches.

Dr. G: How do you relax and build yourself up after touring?

SJ: I love to go fishing. I started fishing when I was 7 years old. It was a way for me to spend time with my father. I guess those memories make me like it so much. He showed me how to fish using a bamboo pole.

I always like to fish with other people. We sit far from each other but it is nice to have someone to be with and nod to once and awhile.

I love the tranquility of listening to the water. When I am fishing there is no mind on the music or the problems. I just lay back and listen to the water, the bees, the mosquitos, and the birds. It gives me peace.

Dr. G: Do you eat the fish after you catch it?

SJ: Shoot Yeah! It tastes so good!

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I love turning people on to Sharon Jones! This is a spiritual experience. You just went to church!” — Dr. Gabrielle Francis