RxStar Remedy Philosophy

My Approach

Life is meant to be a celebration and an adventure, especially while following a path towards health! I focus on using the healing power of natural remedies to maximize wellness, while showing you how the journey can be interesting and gratifying. I use therapeutic methods and substances that work in harmony with the body, such as food, detox, nutrition, supplements, exercise, meditation, massage, sleep and other rejuvenation tools.

The differences in my approach:

Health is about more than your body.

A holistic assessment of all aspects of your life is the only way to really gauge true wellness. Whole health means reaching a state of harmony between body, mind and spirit, within the context of your lifestyle and environment.

Health is a journey.

Health is not a destination; it’s a spectrum that you live on. Sometimes you feel really healthy and sometimes you stumble over obstacles. The good news is that the challenges are actually opportunities to significantly transform your life.

Balance is unique for everyone.

A balanced lifestyle is different for each person. Some people consistently achieve balance on a daily basis; some people have days or weeks of excess, and then swing back towards health like a pendulum. One thing rock stars have taught me is that you can’t hold judgment about how to find balance. We each have our own unique path to follow that works for our personal lifestyle.

Health is an adventure.

Life is a celebration! Whatever you do for your health must fit into your lifestyle and be enjoyable, rather than puritanical, isolating or extreme. I encourage you to celebrate your life through social activities and fun experiences that can be woven into a health regime. Do what you love; it instills good self-esteem and is a motivator to inspire your journey.

Embrace the adventure!
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What are you in for? The Rock Star Lifestyle

Rock stars have extremely high expectations for how they want to live and what they’re willing to go through to achieve it. In your own way, you do too. That’s why the The Rockstar Remedy approach honors everything about your lifestyle, circumstances and preferences, so you can have a blast on your journey toward better health.

There are five areas of transformation that will guide you on your path:

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  • Detox
  • Food
  •  Body-Exercise and Treatments
  • Mind & Spirit
  • Socializing and Celebration

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Introducing the 90/10 Rule

You have rebuilt your habits and recharged your life, so now it’s time to manage your health for the long term. Once you have discovered your new goals, behaviors and routines that work for your body and lifestyle, I’ll teach you the 90/10 Rules that rock stars use to stay vibrant for decades. Simply put, 10 percent of the time you do what you want. Savor these splurges and really be present in that moment to fully enjoy them.

Why does the 90/10 Rule work? Because even small changes in your lifestyle move you towards the healthy end of the spectrum.
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My Mission

It’s my mission to show you that it’s cool to be healthy, and that great health will improve the quality and enjoyment of your life. It’s not boring! Finding balance in mind, body and spirit makes you more vibrant and joyful.

The Rockstar Remedy shows you that balanced, healthy living doesn’t require sacrificing what you love. The key to this powerful rock star mindset is managing your health where you are at, in your life, at this very moment. This book doesn’t promise “perfect health,” an illusive idea that is impractical and unattainable for most of us, even celebrities. Forget hardcore rules — that’s no fun! Within these pages, there are no judgments, no unrealistic expectations, no unachievable goals.

The first step, the one you can do right now, is ask yourself: “If anything were possible, how would I like to see my life?”

By the end of this book, you’ll see just how far you can stretch your dreams and how easy it will be for you to transform your health without missing any of the fun. Life is too short to live any other way.

Life is your stage. Are you ready rock?