When we think of rock stars, we think of excess: Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll. But the truth is, those myths are sexier than the facts. The best kept secret of the music industry is that the majority of musicians are full-on committed to their health—even when they party like, well, rock stars. They have to be, because without attention to their health and wellbeing they could never keep up with the grueling demands of touring and performing.

Dr. Gabrielle Francis knows this truth firsthand. As a holistic doctor and massage therapist to many of the music world’s icons, she has helped some of the biggest names in rock look and feel great, despite an exhausting lifestyle that both demands discipline and welcomes indulgence.

Dr. Gabrielle Francis and New York Times Bestselling health writer, Stacy Baker, share the proven plan that has helped many rock stars and celebrities live optimally. THE ROCKSTAR REMEDY (HarperWave; On Sale December 31, 2014; $25.99) includes exclusive interviews by artists such as Steven Tyler, Dave Navarro, Eve, Sharon Jones, Michael Franti, Tommy Lee, and members of Def Leppard, Megadeth, and many more.
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The Rockstar Toolkit

We all make poor lifestyle choices, and whether you’re a business executive who spends hours away from home or an always-on-call, stay-at-home parent, life can be filled with the same stresses and diet and health obstacles that plague rock stars. Dr. Francis shares the “damage mitigation” tactics that her star clients use to recharge, rejuvenate and re-inspire. Focusing on maximizing health through the healing power of natural remedies, without taking the fun out of life, The Rockstar Remedy provides the tools to:
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  • Detox Start with a clean mind and body to create a clean slate.
  • Nourish Best and worst nutrition options for operating at your peak and in downtime too.
  •  Physical Fitness Exercise for beauty, performance and longevity.
  • Sleep & Repair Natural ways to recharge and manage stress amid a hectic schedule.
  • Celebration “Party like you’re in it for the long haul.”


Rock stars are revolutionaries who don’t believe in aging, and Dr. Francis’s The Rockstar Remedy is part of the reason so many of them remain seemingly ageless and undeniably vital.
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“Do the things that bring you joy while being mindful of your health” and you can still party like a rock star. That’s the premise and the promise of this book from “naturopathic doctor” Francis, developed over 25 years of working with some of the world’s most famous—and infamously indulgent—music gods. The key: live a consciously healthy life 90% of the time and you’ll minimize the negative effects of the excesses you enjoy during the other 10%. Francis’s simple, no-nonsense plan gently guides readers toward healthy, nutrient-dense foods, fit-anyone’s-schedule exercise options, and easy-to-incorporate damage control tips. Broken up into five stages, the program begins with a 21-day diet detox; continues with a detox plan for body (exercise, spa treatments, and bodywork), mind (meditation, prayer, and personal relationships), and home (eradicating household toxins and clutter); then segues into maintaining that 90-10 balance whether you’re traveling, eating out, having drinks, or at work. Sprinkled throughout are self-assessment quizzes and handy reference lists, as well as engaging backstage stories and quotes on mindful living from the rock stars themselves. Francis’s prescription may not be revolutionary, but her lively approach to presenting sound and solid advice should make it a hit.

— Publisher’s Weekly

Publisher's Weekly

The Rockstar Remedy: A Rock & Roll Doctor’s Prescription for Living a Long, Healthy Life. Gabrielle Francis, with Stacy Baker Masand. HarperWave, $25.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-06-231060-6