sun teaHow to Make Sun Tea

It is really easy to do!

You will need a large sun tea jar or container. It is really important that your sun tea jar is glass. The container needs to hold 8 cups of water. Plastic sun tea jars are not recommended.

4-6 of your favorite Tea Bags, green and black tea work best, but you can use any tea bag you like, including herbal teas.

Add some fresh herbs from the garden for flavor and health benefits.


Place the water, herbs and the tea bags in the sun tea jar Place the lid and leave in the Sun to brew and steep for 3-6 hours. You will know your tea is ready when the color has reached the color of tea as if it was brewed in a teapot with boiling water. Sun Tea tends to be a bit milder tasting than normal brewed tea. Serve the tea over ice.

You can sweeten to taste with a natural sweetener and a few wedges of lemon to make a yummy drink on a lazy summer day. Homemade Iced Sun Tea!!

Here are some great herb combinations for Sun Tea.
• Strawberry Mint Sun Tea
• Lemon Mint Sun Tea
• Oregano Sun Tea
• Basil Sun Tea
• Lavender Sun Tea
• Lemon Balm Sun Tea
• Spearmint Sun Tea