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Holly Miranda Singer, songwriter, guitar, piano

Fibromyalgia has been the life change that helped me get on a path to healing.

Since I discovered that I had fibromyalgia, my diet has gotten better both on and off tour. In general, it’s hard when you travel and it takes extra effort to eat clean. I have found the best way is to keep a cooler in the car and hit grocery stores along the way, rather than try to eat healthy at a roadside restaurant. I eat clean as much as possible. There are some weak late-night moments. Sometimes in different parts of the world or Middle America, you take what you can get, but I love fresh juices and smoothies. On tour, if I can find a Whole Foods, cool, but if not, I get fresh fruits and vegetables..that is the vibe.

I’ve started doing yoga in the last few years. I take my mat and I’ll do it on the lawn of a hotel. I have a lot of problems with sitting in one position for a long time so when we stop for gas or food, I’ll do jumping jacks, jump or throw a Frisbee – we keep one in the car. Anything that keeps me moving helps the pain.

Yoga rejuvenates me – it’s about getting time alone to center and wake up my body. Finding time to read and to be alone is a great way to rejuvenate. And naps…a 20-minute backstage power nap works wonders!

I get massages as much as possible. I just had acupuncture for the first time and I’m going to start doing it regularly. I’m starting Dr. G’s detox and looking forward to that! I take a serotonin supplement called 5-HTP for the fibromyalgia. I discovered a plant called Moringa that grows in the Himalayas and it is loaded with calcium and minerals – it’s got something like 22 nutrients. And you can get it in powder, tea or pill. I put it in a fresh juice everyday. It helps with mood, energy, weight loss and a ton of other things. I also take vitamins.

There are other natural remedies to treat fibromyalgia that I use.   Stretching is huge for me, especially for my wrists and hands. I have to stretch before I play guitar. Taking baths with salts helps me alot. I exercise and I do my best to keep stress down – stress affects everything.

My tours and performances are physically demanding. I’ve broken my wrist three times from just playing guitar. Tour is like this: sitting in a car for eight hours and then I have to load gear, carry amps and pedal boards, set up, play, then break down, load the car out and drive the next day. It’s like Groundhog’s Day and everyday I am in a new city. I’ve done a couple tour bus tours with larger bands, but it’s mostly pretty indie and pretty balls to the wall. Sometimes I manage my on tours. It’s pretty exhausting. And as you get less and less sleep, it starts to get even harder. The longest tour I’ve done is nine weeks. I’ve toured pretty solidly for 10 years with a little break the past year, which has been nice.

Sometimes I’ll work on songs in the van. I’ll have my laptop and I’ll write into that with keyboards. My life off the road is also important in keeping a balance. Having a life off road keeps me inspired and creative. I also try to get out when I’m on tour and see a little bit of the city I am in or I visit with friends.  This is also great for inspiration.

We try to keep the plastic bottle consumption down. In our tours everyone has their own coffee mug and water bottle. Most artists that I know reuse and recycle these days. It is important to do this and minimize waste.

Fibromyalgia has led me to leading a healthier life. I keep in it remission by living a natural and balanced life despite the excesses and demands of the music industry.

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