How this beautiful and amazingly talented Artist and Rapper Keeps Fit on tour…

Excerpts from an Interview By Stacy Baker for The Rockstar Remedy

Eve on Exercise and Fitness

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“What’s crazy to me is that older rock stars I’ve met who have been around a long time, the legends, they’re the most healthy. I’ve met some people who you wouldn’t think take care of themselves and I’m shocked. Personally, I don’t travel with trainers or nutritionists, but I’ll schedule sessions with a yoga teacher in my hotel room. I do cardio on days when I have shows because the work out gives me extended energy. The better you are to your body the better you’re able to perform, the better your brain works. I stay as healthy as I can and I feel the difference. No matter what time I sleep or how tired I am, I make myself wake up and do 30 minutes of exercise. You wake up in a different way mentally when you start with a workout. Sure, you want to lie in the covers, but you feel worse than if you would get up and get moving.”

“I often work out in the hotel room. I’ll do crunches, squats and push-ups, and I travel with a jump rope. Sometimes I’ll just turn on music and dance. I love music and dancing and singing and it’s all about the stuff you love. There’s no excuse for not exercising. I’ve gone on Pinterest and found workout boards with videos. Just do something, even if you can’t commit to 30 minutes. You always feel better knowing that you at least tried, even if you only squeeze in 10 minutes.”

Eve loves Cranial Sacral therapy

“I have a pinched nerve behind my left shoulder blade. I’ve tried acupuncture, chiropractic and for some reason cranial sacral just works. It’s a miracle. It completely opens my chest and back, gets rid of pain and calms me. I always feel ridiculously energized when I get off the table, like I have a new body. I do it every two weeks.”