The RockStar Remedy Liner Notes

Read the latest information about alternative medicine and natural remedies. These tips help you to keep up with your high octane lifestyle and enjoy some celebration too.

Excuse-Proof Your Partying

There are many excellent reasons not to drink during the New Year, but sometimes they’re not enough to keep the hard-core partyers off your back.

Hangover Helpers

No one thinks about the morning-after until it’s too late. By then everything that sounds like the perfect remedy — greasy burgers, a bag of fries […]

Holiday Spirits

Holiday Revelry made Healthy
Who says you have to drink to have fun? Not me.
Here are few excellent reasons to not drink at parties

You want t […]

The Alternative Gift Guide

This holiday “think outside of the gift box” and give an alternative gift. Here are some ideas add to the “real spirit” of the season. Give from the h […]

Rockstar Remedy Holiday Travel Guide

Happy Holidays! This time of year finds many of us heading out of town to visit family or just get away. Here are a few Rockstar Remedy travel tips […]

Fact or Fantasy

Hot shots. Injections backstage are no longer of illicit drugs. Thank goodness.

Most backstage shots these days are B12 and folic acid — common […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll is My Religion

An excerpt from “The Rockstar Remedy” by Dr. Gabrielle Francis

The year is 1984. I was fresh out of massage school… a ripe 19 years old. My cou […]

33 Ways to Rev Up Your Immune System

Sidesteps holiday stress and sickness with these foolproof tips for boosting your immune system.
Do this to boost your immune system

Sleep 8 […]

RxStar Remedy Philosophy

Life is meant to be a celebration and an adventure, especially while following a path towards health! I focus on using the healing power of natural remedies to maximize wellness, while showing you how the journey can be interesting and gratifying. Read More »

The Rude Awakening

I remember sitting in naturopathic school with other students and hearing them talk about how their future practices would be. They would say thin […]