The RockStar Remedy Bonus Tracks

Exclusive interviews by your favorite rock icons. See how they stay healthy in spite of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Also, read entertaining Backstage Stories by Dr. G to inspire your adventure.

Phil Collen of Def Leppard: Vegging Out and Coming Clean

Interview by Lonn M. Friend for The Rockstar Remedy

Three months before a tour begins, my mind-set totally shifts, like an athlete preparing fo […]

Joe Satriani: Advice to all Rockers

Interview by Lonn M. Friend
Don’t smoke, anything.
No drugs.
Easy on the drink.
Eat a balanced diet with friends whenever possible.
Avoid crazy health fads.
Don’t drink and drive.

Brandi Carlile: Gets Vocal and Recycles

Interview By Stacy Baker Masand

Stacy: Do you have a specific diet or nutritional program you follow on or off tour? Can you briefly name it?

Adrian Grenier – SHFT and Food Tripping

ADRIAN GRENIER – Musician-noise maker, Actor, Film Maker, Activist
Interview by Dr. Gabrielle Francis

SH […]

Michael T. Ross: Keeping Time and Tune with Type 2 Diabetes

A RockStar Remedy Exclusive By Lonn M. Friend

Bacio is the brightly lit Italian eatery located on the second level of the new Tropicana Las Vegas […]

ORIANTHI: How the Greek girl from down under keeps on rockin’

Interview by Lonn M. Friend
I have to workout every morning on the road. I’m on tour with Alice Cooper right now, woke up early, the gym in the hotel […]

Dave Ellefson of Megadeth

Dave Ellefson of Megadeth Shares…The secrets to his youthful body, mind and spirit!
Excerpts from an Interview by Lonn M. Friend

Lonn: Do yo […]

Eve on Exercise and Fitness

How this beautiful and amazingly talented Artist and Rapper Keeps Fit on tour…
Excerpts from an Interview By Stacy Baker for The Rockstar Remedy
Ev […]

A Moment With Dr. Gabrielle Francis

This interview is from the website Live The Process
For Dr. Gabrielle Francis, every day is an opportunity to deepen her connection to herself and th […]

Rockin Remedy Interviews

These rockers are Rockin the Remedy!
Check out this fun interview by Lonn M. Friend!


Share Ross: Release Your Inner Rockstar

What Can A Rockstar Teach You About Video and Your Inner Self?
Let’s find out. Share Ross rocked the globe as the bassist in the all female 80’s pl […]

Dave Navarro Unplugged…on Relationships

An excerpt from an Interview by Lonn M. Friend
For “The Rockstar Remedy”
I look at my band as a family unit. With that come all the joys and pain a […]

Exclusive Interview: Tommy Lee

An exclusive interview by Lonn M. Friend for… “The Rockstar Remedy” A Rock’n’Roll Doctor’s Prescription for a long healthy life with out missing the […]

Fact or Fantasy

Hot shots. Injections backstage are no longer of illicit drugs. Thank goodness.

Most backstage shots these days are B12 and folic acid — common […]