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10 Natural Cough Remedies Because It’s Too Cold to Go to the Doctor

As originally published in The/Thirty by Audrey Noble

An intense cold when you can feel the mucus drip down your throat, have difficulty breath […]

I Tested the Top Hangover Cures—Here’s What Worked

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December 29, 2017


We’ve all had one of those nights where one glass of w […]

Recipes That Could Help Your Body Stay Healthy During Winter

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Dr. Gabrielle Francis is a holistic doctor that offers recipes that could help you fight off a cold and flu. She believes […]

RxStar Holiday Immune Elixir

My motto: If you have your shake, you can eat cake, too! (yes, you read that right.) My Holiday Immune Elixir is a super food smoothie that’s just […]

Immune Booster Soup

Drink this immunity booster when your schedule goes into overdrive to prevent you from getting run down or sick. It’s like chicken soup on steroid […]

Sneak Peek: A Day in the Life of a (Healthy) Rock Star

One of the first questions people want to know when they find out I’m a rock ‘n’ roll doctor is “what’s it like to be around a rock star?” (Right […]