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Say No to Cheap Sunglasses!

Excerpt from article by Environmental Working Group
Love the Sun and Love your Eyes too!
How to protect your eyes from UV rays

Buy a good pair o […]

“Good Day” Sunshine Valley Salad

By The National Sunflower Association
Amazing Flavor is not the only plus with adding Sunflower Seeds to your favorite recipes. These tiny kernels ar […]

“Ol’ Blue Eyes” Artichoke Sunflower Dip

Great party fare served with baked chips or crackers and yet hearty enough for a pita sandwich filling.
1-15 ounce can cannelloni or oth […]

Sunscreen Fact vs. Fiction – Lay It On Me

Finally the facts vs. fiction around sunscreen are demystified
Article by Environmental Working Group

Eight Little-Known Facts About Sunscreens D […]

The Spirit of the Sun Sunflower Essence

By The Flower Essence Society
Use the Sunflower Flower Essence to capture the spirit of the sun!
SUNFLOWER Helianthus annus
Positive Qualities
Bal […]

“I’m So Fly” Sun Tea Summer Brew

How to Make Sun Tea
It is really easy to do!

You will need a large sun tea jar or container. It is really important that your sun tea jar is glass […]