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Moroccan Beet & Orange Salad

Traditionally, salads are served at the beginning of the Moroccan meal. You can prep and refrigerate the dressing in Epicure Cruet a dayahead. Oli […]

Power to the Purple Maqui Ice Cream

Power to the Purple Maqui Ice Cream
No ice cream maker required for this purple­ powered dessert!

By Navitas Natural Superfood
1 […]

Purple Power Blackberry Maqui Smoothie

Purple Power Blackberry Maqui Smoothie

By Navitas Natural Superfood

Enjoy a beautiful start to your day with this vibrant, nourishing super […]

The Power of Purple Foods

By: Dr. Oz Show May 2, 2016
If you’ve heard you should “eat the rainbow,” you’ve received good advice. Colorful foods are packed with important antio […]

The Second Line Funeral for Prince in the Treme, NOLA

The Second Line Funeral for Prince in the Treme, NOLA was held to honor, mourn and celebrate Prince on April 25. The starting place was the Ooh Poo Pa […]

Berry Garcia Smoothie

Inspired by the Grateful Dead. Drink and be Groovy!

By Navitas Natural Superfood
2 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Hemp Seeds

2 Tbsp Navita […]

9 Tips to Keep That Green Juice Detox Safe

By: Moniqua Plante for Organic Authority
It seems no matter where you look, you see claims that a green juice detox is either the healthiest […]

Funky Hot Chocolate… You Sexy Thing

Incan Warrior Hot Chocolate
Winter’s Best Friend This is a new take on an ancient favorite! Get ready to be super energized.

2 Tbs […]

11 New Years Resolutions Inspired by The Beatles

11 New Years Resolutions…
As it turns out the Fab 4 were not only Icons of Melody and Harmony, they are amazing health and spiritual gurus too. […]

Holiday Tripping

Holiday Tripping – Tips for Groovy Travel
Holiday travel doesn’t need to be a health disaster or a drag. You don’t want to be one of those irate pass […]

American Pie


American Pie, Apple, gluten free and crumbly…
One gluten free pie crust.
For the filling:
7 organic apples, cored, peeled […]

The RxStar Remedy Detox Video Series


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Stage 1 – Detox Your Diet: Shake It Up Baby

This is the third video in the RxStar Remedy Detox Video Workshop. Dr. Gabrielle Francis talks about detoxing your diet, “leaky gut syn […]

“Heavy Metal”-Free Quinoa Tabooli

This Cilantro and Parsley Tabooli is great for Detoxing “Heavy Metals”

And is also Gluten Free!

1 cup organic quin […]