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LONN M. FRIEND is a published author and veteran multi-media journalist, best known as editor of the iconic hard rock publication, RIP magazine. He composed his debut memoir, Life on Planet Rock (2006 Random House/Three Rivers Press) while in Las Vegas residence and recounts several literary adventures there in his second book, Sweet Demotion (2011 AuthorHouse). Friend was born and raised in Los Angeles.

Steven Tyler: Surgery and Smart About Health

Steven Tyler on how to pick a surgeon and getting smart about health.
Interview by Lonn M. Friend For the Rockstar Remedy
You have to get serious […]

Rudy Sarzo on Cuban Food and How Ozzy Changed His Life

Rudy Sarzo – Heavy Metal Bassist
Cuban Food

“For me being on a diet, watching my intake for most of my life, stems from being a fat kid. I was r […]

Scott Ian On being a Heavy Metal Dad

Scott Ian Founding Guitarist, Anthrax, On being a Heavy Metal Dad

“I hardly ever drink anymore, too. Maybe a couple beers or some wine with dinne […]

Steve Lukather Goes Organic and Solar

Steve Lukather — Guitarist, Toto and Ringo’s Allstar Band

Excerpt from Interview by Lonn Friend For the Rockstar Remedy

Lonn Friend: Do you have […]

Joe Satriani: Advice to all Rockers

Interview by Lonn M. Friend
Don’t smoke, anything.
No drugs.
Easy on the drink.
Eat a balanced diet with friends whenever possible.
Avoid crazy health fads.
Don’t drink and drive.

ORIANTHI: How the Greek girl from down under keeps on rockin’

Interview by Lonn M. Friend
I have to workout every morning on the road. I’m on tour with Alice Cooper right now, woke up early, the gym in the hotel […]