About Liz Brazier

Liz Brazier is a lover of leafy greens and keeping things simple who lives between the Jersey Shore, NJ and her birthplace of New Zealand. She is a Certified Health Coach and avid soil bag gardener. Liz is on a mission for more people to grow their own leafy greens, the easy way, by using a simple soil bag and putting better quality food in their bodies.

Feeling Seedy? Home Grown Organic Greens

It’s easy being Green!
By Liz Brazier
I know many of you want to start growing your own vegetables. And this month I invited Liz back from Whole Hea […]

HOME GROWN: How to Grow Nutrient-Dense Veggies

By Liz Brazier of Whole Health Gardening

In her book The Rock Star Remedy, Dr. Francis talks about how to select the best Nutrient-Dense foods for […]