About Kristin Shea

Kristin Shea is an attorney and a freelance writer in New York City who focuses on legal, health and food issues. Her blog explores how U.S. food laws and culture impact our health, environment, economy, communities, personal rights and animal well-being. Kristin truly believes that our relationship with food should and can bring us both genuine pleasure and good health.

Don’t Judge a Food by its Label

As you meander through the grocery aisles, labels scream out: Fat-Free! 100% Natural! Grass-Fed! But, beware; you can’t always judge a food by its lab […]

“POP” CULTURE: Soda’s Not So Rock & Roll

Beyoncé is one of the most beautiful and talented women in the world. Recent advertisements link her fabulous looks and worldwide fame to Pepsi Cola. In reality, if she actually does drink this chemical-laden, sugary soft drink on a regular basis, her superb fitness is despite it, not because of it. […]

GMOs: Like a Bad Remake of Your Favorite Song

By Kristin Shea
We’ve all been there. You walk into the dentist office and think you hear your favorite song. But something is not quite right. The […]