ADRIAN GRENIER – Musician-noise maker, Actor, Film Maker, Activist
Interview by Dr. Gabrielle Francis



SHFT…The Culture of Today’s Environment

There is currently a paradigm shift towards sustainability and environmentalism that is happening in all aspects of society…lifestyle, culture, industry, health, food, fashion, consumerism, and media. With this Shift there is a new point of view emerging and it is inevitably where we need to be heading.

SHFT is a lifestyle platform that celebrates the movement toward sustainability and environmentalism not as a separate entity but as something that is reflected in our culture through music, art, film, food, literature and design. We feel this message should be inspiring and accessible, not didactic and preachy. Music, art, food, fashion, and film all have an aesthetic quality. Things that are beautiful and natural are healthier. Just as things that are natural and healthy are inherently more beautiful.

We don’t believe that there is one panacea for this change to occur. We all must contribute and do the little things we can. And you need not be perfect to contribute. Our idea is to inspire and nudge ideas of the sustainable/environmental movement into POP culture through the arts and lifestyle of the consumer. The consumer is ultimately going to drive the Paradigm Shift to a healthier and happier world.


I guess you can say that I am a “foodie”. I also travel a lot. I may be on the road with bands, for speaking engagements, for making movies or just for adventure. I found it extremely hard to find healthy alternatives to the general fast food fare. My business partner, Peter Glatzer, and I developed the “FOOD TRIPPING” app as a tool for people to find alternatives to fast food while out on the road. The options range from being healthy, local, and smaller establishments to mom and pop joints and places off the beaten path. This way we can support the local economy and connect with people that have unique cultural experiences. “FOOD TRIPPING” facilitates a lot of the interconnections between health and travel such as health of spirit and mind, economic health of the community, and healthy relationships to people and food. It is an interactive tool. “FOOD TRIPPING” allows the user to contribute favorite new finds to the database. It has definitely enhanced the quality and experience of my travels. I hope it will for you too. FOOD TRIPPING App can be found at

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